Tony Mullen was an enormous influencer in the Senior Living sales industry. Here's what he meant to so many of us. To have your memory of Tony appear below, submit a short submission below. 

Tony had a significant impact on my career in senior living. I learned a great deal from him about the industry and enjoyed his ideas about selling and marketing to seniors. He was always willing to talk and discuss his ideas. I learned something new and valuable every time we talked. He was a great man and a true inspiration to me. He will be missed.
— Derrek Schartz, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Legend Senior Living
A talent of Tony’s that stood out was his ability to understand what a group needed to hear versus what a group wanted to hear. He was masterful at presenting information in a way that people would be open to listening even if they disagreed. This is a primary reason our group would attend Tony Mullen’s Summit each year. We heard truth that we were able to apply to our business throughout the year.
— Aaron Catoe, Regional Property Manager, 12 Oaks Senior Living
Tony lived an intentional life, and his purpose was to help this industry continue to be at its best. Tony lived each day as if that day, and only that day, would define his legacy. His passion for the industry is underscored by his desire to drive individuals to be the best versions of themselves. He had the heart of a warrior coupled with the spirit of a servant. He is a true icon and trailblazer in this industry. Although Tony will no longer be with us physically, his legacy will live in the hearts of thousands and will be passed along for generations.
— Mike Miller, CEO, Primo Solutions, LLC
Tony understood people. How to connect with people, how to relate to people, how to resonate with people. He was known in our industry as a consummate connector because his gift, among many, was relating and connecting genuinely, with others. Isn’t effective sales the understanding of the true needs, wants, motives and reservations of another after a genuine rapport and trust is established? His insight helped thousands over the decades become better at connecting with others, and in connecting with others, showing why what one offers could be a solution to another’s needs. Tony’s Sales & Occupancy Summit served as an anchor to this foundation of knowledge, where many of us came to learn. The 2018 Advanced Sales & Occupancy Summit in honor of Tony Mullen, and led by so many that learned from him over the years, will be an equally resounding success.
— Elias Papasavvas, Founder & Former CEO, Elderlife Financial Services LLC
Tony was an inspiration to all of us in a Senior Living. He challenged us to do better, to challenge the status quo and to always stay authentic. His brilliance and love for this industry will be missed by everyone he touched. It was a privilege to call Tony a friend.
— Carlene Motto, Chief Marketing Officer, Belmont Village Senior Living
Tony was a key player in the transformation of the senior living industry to what it is today. He had a unique perspective as an owner, operator and a leader in shaping current marketing and sales thinking. All stakeholders in the senior living industry — residents, employees, owners, operators and investors — have benefitted from his involvement. He will be missed.
— Greg Stevens, President, Vantage Point Retirement Living
Some of the things I look for in people that I think have been true trailblazers in our industry are a combination of a passion for what we do and the significance and importance of it and the desire to do well, together with the real personal willingness to roll up one’s sleeves and say, ‘How can I help this industry really grow and mature and provide a better product for the residents and their families that we serve?’ And certainly no one represents that any better than Tony Mullen.
— Robert G. Kramer, Founder, National Investment Center for Senior Housing & Care
Tony was a pioneer, leader, and mentor to many of us in senior living. The impact he’s made on our business is immeasurable. His passion for older adults, for elevating the services and experiences provided by senior living, was obviously his primary driver. I was privileged to have had many conversations with Tony, most recently about the power of reflective listening and the importance of elevating our sales counselors’ sales skills to mastery levels. He is sorely missed by us all.
— Julie Podewitz, V.P. Sales & Marketing, Traditions Senior Living
Tony was able to see through short-term trends and challenge the sales methodology for long-term success in seniors housing. I enjoyed his consistent reminder to owners and investors of the value of professional selling skills in our industry. Tony is a legend among leaders of senior living and I anticipate we will feel his impact for years to come.
— Jason Rock, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Allegro Management Company
Tony’s approach to Increased Occupancy through Advanced sales techniques is a proven and truly creative approach to Senior’s housing sales. Based on a foundation of “Customer-centric” approaches to determine potential resident needs, in a “One on One” environment, Tony has assembled a group of engaging and informative industry leaders, both as presenters and participants. This is a must-attend event, that is scheduled as a recurring appointment in many industry leaders calendars. Although we will miss Tony dearly, his commitment to industry excellence and innovation will live on, through this event.
— Kevin Pidgeon, President & COO, Nautical Lands Group of Companies
Tony took an interest in my career as he did with many young leaders in the industry. Above and beyond his regular ‘chick-ins’, I found his annual conferences offered attendees a thought-provoking, less commercialized experience than traditional conferences. We could digest and learn new information in smaller, conversational panels and spend time encouraging our peers (and ourselves about our respective journeys). The conference is a great place for sales and marketing leaders in senior housing sales to recharge, build stronger relationships and walk away with industry-applied knowledge. It’s worth the trip.
— Katie Davis, CEO, Brink Brands
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